MY FACE      


Kirk McCoy

Tucson, AZ. Past 5 years, transplanted from Long Island, N.Y.

Born 1/9/54

6'8", brown hair, blue eyes.

Single, no children

Carving stone sculptures since '84

Self-taught and overcompensating.

                 Photo by JP


Job Experiences                              In defense of Defense

Prototyper for Military Contractors; Communication, Weapon, and Simulator Programs.

Operations Manager, Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, N.Y.

Effects filter development for B+W/Schneider USA.

Vacuum plasma optical coating chamber upgrades for Spectrum Thin Films

Proudest Moments;

Building and helping to De-bug the first seven modern Fax Machines in '79, the combat ready TAC-FAX adopted by all of the Armed Services and Israel.

After an Apache helicopter was flown onto the Fairchild/Weston facility I was told that I was the only person allowed handle any mechanical parts on the, at the time, newest war vehicle for the eventually successful AGES II program.

Having Richard Weir, the top horticulturist from the Cornell Institute, tell the Director of the Nassau County Museum of Art to let me do whatever I thought right after we toured the 147 acre grounds that were part of my new responsibilities.


Special Interests
Modern Classical,

Maurice Ravel

Eric Satie

Igor Stravinsky

John Adams

Steve Reich

Phillip Glass


Brian Eno

David Bowie

Talking Heads

Ani DiFranco




Joseph Heller

Don Delillo

William Gibson

Jeff Noon

Richard K. Morgan

David Foster Wallace

Artistic Inspirations

Isamu Noguchi

Medardo Rosso

Constantin Brancusi

Auguste Rodin

Hans Von der Bovenkamp

Eduardo Chillida


Paul Klee

Willem de Kooning

Gerhard Richter

Francis Bacon

Lucian Freud

Jean Dubuffet


Marcel Duchamp

Pat Steir

Robert Wilson


Richard Serra



Favorite Quotes:

No, no, You're not thinking, you're just being logical.  Neils Bohr

Language serves not only to express thought but to make possible thoughts which could not exist without it.  Bertrand Russell

Art is the true way to make people think.  Medardo Rosso

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Anti-Quote: People may oppose you, but when they realize you can hurt them, they'll join your side.  Condoleezza Rice


Basic art rant;

  Marcel Duchamp opened a Pandora's Box with conceptual art musings.  Since then too many designers consider themselves artists.  Computer generated images are all well and good but there is a real difference between creating a work yourself and sending it out to a fabricator or printer.  An adage I believe in goes; ?A laborer works with his hands, a craftsman his hands and head.  An artist works with his hands, head and heart'.

  There is a life in the pieces I help create.  I say help because I work with materials that have a lot of inherent character.  At my best I simply shape the conversation to my own ends.  Other pieces you could think of as editing and polishing a rough speech.  If you think all painters start with a blank canvas or sculptors with a square block of stone you'd be wrong.  Commonly painters will prep and stock random backgrounds for future use and inspiration.  One such background may be the most direct inspiration for abstract art.  Gustave Moreau painted wildly symbolist works, very dense and ornamented.  Among his students were C?zanne, Matisse and Rouault.  In his entrance hallway of his Paris home and studio Moreau had this 'background' on an easel where visitors like Picasso and Dali were also struck by the power of a painting with no imagery, just emotion.

  While normally I avoid any hint of the comparison sculptors have with Michangelo, the story of the creation of the David sculpture is illustrative.  That rock had been in the quarry for decades because of its odd shape, but that odd shape had ended up being the inspiration for the piece.