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Wood FAQ?s


   Do you bend the wood?

No, I follow the natural curves in the wood, and I ease or sharpen the form within limits.

   Are they assembled?

They are single branching sections of trees. Only Chelsea Series #s 7 & 11 and Heart of Mine are separate pieces of wood.

   How are these sculptures finished?

This is the natural color of the wood in most cases. The surfaces are all hand planed and scraped, or chisel finished. No sandpaper is used on the raw wood, as it tends to clog up the pores of the wood and prevent the full penetration of the tung oil finish. As I build up the layers of tung oil I will start to sand the finish to keep it even.  Any applied color is noted in the information page on the piece.

   Where do you get the wood?

Commonly by the side of the road. I won?t cut down a tree and will rarely take off a live branch. Most pieces are from storm damage, construction sites or wood dumps.

   Can they be placed outdoors?

Exposure to the elements will damage any wood, and refinishing would be required on a regular basis.

   Can they be cast?

Yes, but I have not made the investment in casting a piece up to this point. I must admit to creating a couple of wood sculptures to practice patina techniques.

   How did you develop this style?

I had wanted to transfer some of my interest in using a medium with a lot of character in a dialog, rather than as a statement. I had acquired the tree that would eventually become In Advance of Logic and I wanted to do something special with it.  I had seen some pictures of the ribbed hulls of wooden sailing ships I wanted to incorporate the squaring-off (intellectual) and the curved limbs (emotional) as the engagers of that conversation.