Exact Change

I was dumpster diving in Glen Cove one sunny day, (I used to spend Sundays exploring different parts of Long Island) and they were throwing away this great door and, well, I happen to have this station wagon that it fits right into.

I was enamored with Jolt Cola at the time, ?Twice the caffeine, all the sugar?, and I set right to work. The piece was selected over Spacescape #2 in a juried show in Islip Museum in ?89. I would have preferred it the other way around, though I always brought options for juried shows that selected among delivered works to hedge my bets.

The original can was destroyed soon after I began to display it in a gallery in Port Jefferson, and the foam took a lot of wear. I?ve replaced the can and filled it with foam so it won?t get crushed again, but by that time I did Jolt no longer used cane sugar in the formula and the slogan on the can is just ?Twice the caffeine?. I?ve gone back to Pepsi.

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